About Us

Newly established aquaculture business in Langkawi

Fishance is an aquaculture business specialised in outdoor, cage system fish farming. Based in the cleanest waters of the tropical island of Langkawi, Malaysia.

Fish Farming

Our Certificates

Our company has received multiple certificates to grow fish in Malaysia

Malaysian Aquaculture Farm Certification Scheme (SPLAM)
Best Aquaculture Practices Certifiied

Highest quality

Our company has a mobile laboratory and the fish is checked at every phase of its growth. The fish is fend only organic food without antibiotics. Before selling the fish goes through final checks and gets certified to be sure its safe and is the highest quality

Best Technology

We use the latest technology to grow our fish from monitoring the fish though cameras to placing cages made with the strongest materials to keep the fish in place. We try to improve the growth using different techniques and methods.