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Our facilities allow us to produce 400,000 fingerlings monthly. With the high-tech protein skimmers, sand filters, ozone and oxygen generators we reached the elevated level of biosecurity, viruses and water quality control. Healthy and strong fish starts with quality broodstock.

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Fish Feed Plantt

To insure the health, growth and nutritional value of our fish, we conducted practical research to produce results that correspond to the world’s leading brands in the production of our own Fishance Fish Feed.

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Wooden Cages

We use environmentally safe wooden cages for farming our Grouper species. Our farmers maintain the cleanliness of the nets by changing them every 2 weeks to avoid any bacterial water infections.

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Off-Shore Cages

We use deep water off-shore cages that are located at 20-30m water depth, allowing us to stock 10,000 fingerlings in each cage.

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Processing Plant

We schedule harvesting, processing, freezing and transportation in order to minimise the time to supply the freshest product available for the market. Our operations are designed efficiently to deliver the better quality, taste and improved food safety to our customers.

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