Off-Shore Cages

We use deep water off-shore cages that are located at 20-40m water depth, allowing us to stock 10,000 fingerlings in each cage. They are aimed for our fast swimming fish such as snappers, trevally, barramundi etc. We assure the safety of the fish with continuous control and care.

Corrosion free Polarcirkel brackets

Only strong and high quality PE is used for Polarcirkel brackets, while many suppliers use weak and low quality rotationally moulded Medium and Low Density Polyethylene. This makes the Polarcirkel brackets superior in terms of structural strength, durability and UV resistance. This is especially important in high energy offshore farm sites and areas with high UV radiation from the sun.

Extra strong railings

Polarcirkel Cages are known for their strong railings and high reserve buoyancy, which is crucial in case of sudden excessive net loads.

Center support stands

Center support stands keeps the bird nets off the water.

Wide product range

A wide range of strong circular Polarcirkel PE cages are offered in various dimensions.

High-perfomance automatic clearance system

Net Cleaners can be operated in automatic mode using a crane, winch, cap stand or as a integrated option.

Using only sea water under high pressure, Cleaning Systems does not use chemicals or scrubbing action. This is environmentally friendly and will not damage the nets.

Fish feeding system

Barge is fully self contained with Feed Systems, generator, control room, living quarters, safety equipment and all other optional equipment installed, such as integrated mort silage systems, camera- and sensor systems.

Feed blower generates transport air for the feed system.

Feed dosers transfers the feed into the air flow — up to 190 kg/min with optimum pellet quality.

Using the Air Control System combined with Floating Hex Base Rotor Spreader allows for reduced air speed while still achieving excellent feed spread in cages.

Twin 360 camera system

Advanced feeding and inspection colour cameras with unique features that can be operated from the cage, a work boat, the feeding control room and via the internet. It provides sharp, colour and/or monochrome video underwater images.

Combined with the System, Twin 360 provides a great insight into the feeding response and condition of fish.

Lighting system

The correct use of underwater lights for many aquaculture species ensures reduced fish maturation. In addition, it results in faster growth and more effective feed utilization.

The high quality underwater lights have excellent light distribution.

Quality is always profitable!

System control

Functional and statistic modules
The software covers all needs for process control, production control and planning.

Increase profitability
Unique tools that integrate fish farming operations processing. This ensures optimum efficiency, excellent fish quality.

System control

Control platform used to connect and control a wide range of equipment and technical processes at the farm. The system is open ended and compatible with all types of equipment, sensors and technical installations.

Plan and finance, biology plan, finance – budgeting, economy control, production cost etc. The System captures data from broodstock to harvest and has powerful reporting and analysis capabilities.