On September 10, 2017, in a solemn ceremony in Unit Perancang Ekonomi Negeri Kedah (UPEN), Wisma Darul Aman, Alor Setar Kedah. The ceremony was held for the receipt of a check in the amount of 1 295 000 ringgit for Commitment fee and Kedah Royalty. Dato Ammar b. Dato Syeikh Mahmood (UPEN), Dato Suraya bte. Yaakob (Exco of Agriculture Kedah), Dato Mohd Rawi b. Abdul Hamid (Exco of Tourism Kedah) especially noted the huge contribution of Fisance Berhad to the development of the economy of the state of Kedah, the creation of new jobs. The CEO of Fishans, Alexey Dorin, answered questions related to the further development of the company, told about new projects and plans for the future at press conference.