Farm Gate Value

The unprocessed value excluding the costs of packaging or transport of the aquaculture product to its first point of sale (Alaska DFG).


An ester composed of fatty acid(s) and glycerol.


A term used to distiquish true fish, having fins and gills, from shellfish, crayfish, jellyfish.


The stage in a fish’s life between 1 inch and the length at which it is restocked for grow-out to market size. Development stage of fish following the fry stage and continuing into the first three to four months of life. Young fish larger than fry but not yet an adult.

Fish farm

Locations used to grow populations of aquatic organisms, primarily fish.

Fish Hatchery

One form of a fish farm, managed with the intent of resupplying native wild populations in natural environments.

Fish husbandry

The breeding and rearing of fish for a variety of reasons.

Fish kill

A description of the number of fish stock to die in a specific amount of time.

Fish meal

Commercially processed food source used in fish farming as a source of protein for the fish stock.

Flow Rate

The volume of water moving past a given point in a unit of time, usually expressed as cubic feet per second (cfs) or gallons per minute (gpm).

Food Conversion

A ratio of food intake to body weight gain; more generally, the total weight of all feed fed to a lot of fish divided by the total weight gain of the fish lot. The units of weight and the time interval over which they are measured must be the same. The better the conversion, the lower the ratio.

Formulated Feed

A combination of ingredients that provides specific amounts of nutrients per weight of feed.

Free Board

The distance between the crown of a pond levee and the surface of the water inside the pond. Usually one to three feet of freeboard is recommended.

Fresh Water

Water containing less than 0.05% total dissolved salts by weight.


The stage in a fish’s life from the time it hatches until it reaches 1 inch in length. Development stage of fish immediately after the larvae stage, at an age of less than a week.