Official Opening ceremony of Asian-Pacific Aquaculture 2017 started with the speech of Fishance CEO Mr.Alexey Dorin, who emphasized the importance of aquaculture in the global economy and human nutrition as well as shared knowledge of sustainable and efficient fish farming techniques. The audience of 400 people attended the ceremony and our speech. APA 2017 comprised 2,000 visitors and exhibitors from the USA, UK, Europe, Asia Pacific etc. Aquaculture professional got together to share experiences and methods for innovative and sustainable aquaculture.

27th of July APA 2017 had an official closing. By the end of the conference, Fishance conducted 48 of business meetings and received 16 offers for co-operation. It was a productive time for us, to introduce Fishance to the international aquaculture community and to get to know other companies in order to exchange the knowledge and unite our forces for more effective fish-farming operations.

Fishance had an honor to deliver our Grouper to be served at President Reception dinner on Day 2 of the conference Asia-Pacific Aquaculture 2017. The dinner accommodated exhibitors, traders, organizers and special guests:
Dr Mazuki Hashim – Director of Aquaculture Department Of Fisheries
Dr. Zuridah Merican
Abdullah Rahim — President of Malaysian Fisheries Society
Dr Fariduddin bin Othman, Director of Aqua Res.
Dr Azhar Hamzah, Director of Institute Marine Aquaculture.
Dr Natrah Ikhsan, MFS
Koshio Shunsuke from Kagoshima University
Professor Fatimah Md Yusoff from University Putra Malaysia
And took part in Mawar room of Putra World Trade Center.

It was a big honor to have Kedah Authorities visited Fishance stand at APA 2017.