Ocean-based aquaculture or the production of marine organisms in coastal waters or in the open ocean.

McDonald Jar

A type of incubator usually made from clear plastic designed to hold fertilized eggs during the hatching process.


Processes involved in the release of body energy, the building and repair of body tissue, and the excretion of waste materials; combination of anabolism and catabolism. As a rule, the metabolic rate of fish doubles for every 18°F increase.


Includes ornamental/tropical fish, alligators, algae, aquatic plants, eels, scallops, crabs and others. The high value and low production of miscellaneous occurs because production value, but not weight, are reported for many species such as ornamental fishes.

Mouth Brooder

A species of fish in which either the female or male incubates the fertilized eggs in the mouth. Most species of tilapia grown in the United States are maternal mouth brooders.